Transition to School Programme – Star Bear

We feed to a number of schools within the area not just Queniborough.  Gaddesby, Syston, Thrussington, Rearsby, Ratcliffe and Barkby to name a few. 

We are very proud at Queniborough Pre-school to have collaborated with the foundation stage teacher at Queniborough school to create a transition to school programme for our Summer leavers . During the summer term all 3 and 4 year olds who are leaving to start school in August/September (or as they turn 4) take part in our Star Bear programme.

Children work with the pre-school staff weekly in their group ‘shooting stars’ towards completing a series of tasks that help them accomplish life skills that will help them towards independence as they start at their schools. 

Despite many people’s belief that children should be able to write their name before they start school this is not the case, teachers would rather children had life skills that will help them be independent. 

Children are given their own laminated reward chart, we focus on a new skill weekly, each day they are in pre-school we practise these skills and the children achieve stickers.

These 6 weeks of hard work culminate in a prize giving Graduation ceremony that parents and families are invited to attend and a celebration of their achievements during their time at Queniborough Pre-school. 

The feedback from schools where children have taken part in this programme have been very positive. 


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