Our Curriculum Offer

We follow the EYFS statutory guidelines and we are required by law to carry out certain checks and track your children’s progress within our setting. How the EYFS is delivered looks different in all early years settings and is over seen by OFSTED during their Inspections.

At Queniborough Pre-school, (like most early years settings) children learn through play and we use Anna Ephgraves ‘Planning in the moment’ model (as much as we are able in a pack away setting). 

This approach means we can spend more time making positive interactions with the children rather than making constant observations on tablets or pen and paper. 

What it means for the children is that we respond to children ‘In the moment’. As responsive parents this is simply what you do with your children every day. Children become most deeply engaged when they have autonomy, when they are able to choose what to do.

When children are deeply engaged, their brain is developing and new synapses are forming i.e they are making progress.

Within the constraints of a shared space that we pack away daily, we try and give the children opportunities to select their own resources. 

For example, in the mark making area the children can access paper, pencils, crayons, pens, scissors, glue sticks, sticky tape and we don’t tell the children what to do. The same in the malleable area, cutters and rollers and pattern makers are in a trolley for self-selection.

This is mirrored outside, resources are available but not specific to each area. 

In the spring/summer months children can access the outside area on arrival into pre-school. 

Children’s development is tracked and learning journeys are compiled during your child’s time at pre-school. We take photographs regularly to create a visual picture of your child’s time with us, creating memories. 

Daily we make ‘wow’ moments, recording a funny moment, an achievement or a moment of learning and children take this home with them as well as a copy going in their learning journeys.  It is our aim to provide you with a report of your child’s progress in the EYFS every 6 months. This will be completed by your child’s keyworker and will be an opportunity to highlight any areas that your child may need support in within pre-school or at home. 

'Planning in the Moment with young children’ -Anna Ephgave


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